I’m still alive

In spite of everything, I’m still here and not dead yet. I meant to do and say so many things to nobody in particular. Facing the #deletefacebook movement I thought I’d poke this. A presence somewhere is important. Telling the world I’m still here, still waving a middle finger at my health and surviving the first sunny spring Sunday when so many didn’t. Saw the aftermath of a likely fatal bike crash and a very messy car crash. Thought I was first on scene to a badly wrecked car on it’s roof on monday night only to find a 6 inch stripe of police tape. Was not the first to make that mistake and apparently a panda car was on it’s way to make vehicle more obvious. Upset me some though.

There is nothing like being on a bike to remind me I don’t want do die on a very primal level. I almost didn’t make it through the winter. I could be cynical and blame it on focusing all my energies on having a car. The truth of the matter is more complicated and with the state of the weather i would have been more housebound than usual if I only had the bike.

I felt quite rusty going for a long ride on sunday. And weekend warriors blasting past on sportsbikes, only to wobble through corners all crossed up didn’t make me feel much better. I nearly came a cropper once or twice going for an overtake when the twat behind me must have seen my head move to check mirror and blindspot before commencing overtake, yet was alongside and dangerously close by the time I was committed to the manoeuvre, having made no such checks himself or bothered to indicate. And that’s not poor obs on my part, I checked my cameras after. I spent most of my homewards leg trying to stay off the main biker routes as I wanted to stay out of the stupidity.


Sleep, Dreams and Lullabies

So i came home, locked the bike up, made a coffee, played guitar for a little while and then put the racing on. I don’t know whether it is the comforting sound of engines or the sound of the voices but very sleepy. To far gone to get off the sofa. Attempt snooze, can’t, too quiet. Thumb remote until there is prog metal playing, Dream Theatre  to be precise. Out like a light. Now it’s 2am, I’m hungry, mobile and can’t sleep. Frozen lasagne and racing it is.