I am keeping a record of my experiences of bikes and ME. I shall keep a list of key parts of my story upon this page.

The header image was taken during during the festive season en route between my mother’s and a friend’s house. It had been tipping it down all day, and I had a choice between staying put and having a very quiet new year’s eve, or making the best of a great bike, great roads, and spending the evening with some old friends I don’t see nearly enough of. The sun came out for a bit and I stopped for a photo. Bad move as this involved standing next to a huge puddle, and I was promptly soaked by passing 4x4s. But I arrived at my destination with a massive grin on my face, my kit kept me dry and by the time board games and beer came out, I had forgotten how much I ached. It’s probably a metaphor for the whole experience.


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