Crash Testing

So I posted extensively on armour and luggage, and went on a nice little tour. I did touristy things like eat ice cream and take photos in scenic places. Then on my way home, some careless individual decided to drive into the back of my bike as I was stopping for a roundabout.

Damage to the bike was cosmetic, but everywhere, everything shiny on the right hand side scraped, and the rear fender, tail light and number plate took most of the impact. It later turned into a write off, an argument over the value and my keeping the bike as salvage and putting it back on the road after some very careful checks and much replacement of broken bits at my local garage.

Damage to me? Well I killed my leather trousers and the waterproof trousers over the top of them as they received a cut from I think the edge of a jubilee clip on a fuel line. I had a matching bruise. I killed a glove on the shellgrip, but that hand was fine. Damaged the spare visor I had around my waist. Minor soft tissue damage to my back. And I sprained my left thumb. Still in physiotherapy for that, and it’s a lot better, but for such a small injury it was a major inconvenience.

My kit did its job though. If anything on my right side other than my glove hit the road I didn’t notice. The bruise on my left leg is in the gap between the top of my boot and my knee armour. Typical. But the leather that was cut didn’t go through. The damaged seam on my glove didn’t rupture. All is good and both rider and bike are riding again.