Sometimes the best therapy is pottering about sorting out a minor issue, or getting several layers of road grime removed. Particularly when it hurts too much to ride and  I need to keep stopping every few minutes. I replaced some of the fuel lines yesterday with new parts, hopefully they will stand up better to the alcohol in modern fuel, and might sort out the cause of the little black granules I keep finding in the float bowls, which might be part of the fuel hoses. Of course they could be part of carb o-rings, floats or gaskets, but replacing the cheap and easy things first as she seems to be running right.


The days that aren’t so good

I’d been asleep and inactive most of the Tuesday and Wednesday. So it was Thursday and I felt OK and I needed food, so a trip to the farm shop and the supermarket was the thing to do. By the time I got to the farm shop every small feature of the road felt like bouncing over a speed hump too fast. I ordered some pork, and realising I wasn’t going to make it to the supermarket as well, grabbed some overpriced bread and eggs. I picked smoother roads on the way back, still hurt. Much agony by the time I was home. Pretty much abandoned the bike in the back yard for an hour or two before finding the energy from somewhere to lock her away for the night, quite glad the gate locks. Didn’t come out again for another few days.