Are you biker Stig?

/me folds arms and stares through tinted visor

Yes I was asked that, by a child, in the Recycling Centre (i.e. dump) of all places, as I neatly parked the bike, opened the top box and set about disposing of the various bits of small electronics goods that the WEEE Directive says I can’t throw in the bin.

I think it illustrates perfectly the way that doing everything by bike or not at all seems to perplex those who see bikes as toys for rich people or outlaws. Don’t have a car, a permit is required for pedestrian access to the recycling centre a hundred yards from my house, and some days I can’t walk that far. Certainly not comfortably carry the amassed collection of broken tech and dead batteries that far.

All that remains is navigating the vicious speed humps that seem designed to cause an accident or otherwise deter anyone owning a vehicle with low ground clearance from recycling. Because range rovers are really environmentally friendly. But then if it was actually about saving the environment, perhaps it would be easier for those who can walk to take their refuse there rather than leaving it festering in piles nearby.


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